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2 definitions by Kathy_K

1. After Hours club night and radio show created by house dj, Spencer Thomas.

2. Those who make it through the entire club night and party until the sun comes up.

3. Those in the industry who survived the government breaking up Arizona nightclubs in the late 90s, early 2000's.
All we got left is Spencer T and the club casualties, otherwise the southwest would be worse off then it was.
by Kathy_K January 06, 2009
1. One of the United States' biggest up and coming house djs. The bastard offspring of Arizona's late 90's underground music scene. Spencer Thomas is known for his upbeat and random programming of disco and electro house styles.

2. Holds the Eventvibe.com residency for the southwest and is known within the industry as the silent force behind most of Arizona's big club promotions.

3. Has held radio shows since the age of 17 in Arizona, Chicago and his online podcast Spencer Thomas and the Club Casualties

Girl 1: Were you at the club the other night?
Girl 2: Yeah, Spencer Thomas was spinning, we stayed til the end!
by Kathy_K January 06, 2009