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Basically the Yami/Yuugi/Atemu threesome pairning.

Basically instead of people giving Yami the last name Atemu they make him two people one the duelist that holds the most resemblance to Yuugi (Yami) and then the memory Pharaoh Yami (Atemu) who is bronze skinned and more regal
"Dude, I love the whole Yami/Yuugi/Atemu threesome fics!"

"You like mobiumshipping?? No way!"
by Kathryn Spellkraven May 20, 2009
The total adorableness of the Egyptian Thief King Bakura and his host Ryou Bakura
"What's Ryou and Bakura? It's my favorite pairing out of the others."

"That's gemshipping. You should know that!"
by Kathryn Spellkraven May 20, 2009
Basically the Pharaoh Atemu version of Yami with Yuugi
"I love Atemu with Yuugi!! It's so hot!"

"Blindshipping is really cool isn't it?"
by Kathryn Spellkraven May 20, 2009
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