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This is the snog scale, there is a georgia nicholson version, but the one at our school is slightly different
0.5 Hug
1 Holding hands
2 Arm Around
2.5 Footsie
3 Goodnight kiss
4 Kiss lasting 3 mines without a breath
4.5 Hand snogging
5 Open mouth snogging
6 Snogging with tongues
6.25 lip nibbling
6.5 neck nuzzling
6.75 ear snogging
7 Upper body fondling (outside shirt)
8 Upper body fondling (inside shirt)
8.25 Lower body fondling (outside)
8.5 Lower body fondling (inside, or if wearing skirt)
8.75 Stripping
9 Below waist activity (B.W.A)-- Like third base
10 Full monty
" I got to 8 on the snog scale with Henry yesterday!!"
by Kathryn D March 29, 2008

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