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1. An unfinished version of a program released for users to test before the final version is released.
2. A person who proofreads fiction.
3. A type of fish.
1. I beta'd Photoshop CS3 and gave Adobe feedback when I was done.
2. My lovely beta caught my grammatical errors in my story.
3. Sally used to have a beta fish, but her cat ate it.
by Kathleen the green bean May 06, 2007
A man or woman who feels that he or she was born into the wrong gender. The man or woman most likely has the personality of the opposite gender, and feel they cannot relate to their own gender. Also, someone who has undergone surgery to become the opposite gender they yearned to be.
I. I've always had a desire to be a man; I am a transsexual.

II. David used to be Delilah- he is a transsexual.
by Kathleen the green bean November 28, 2006
A short term for SiriusxRemus. Sirius Black and Remus Lupin being characters from Harry Potter. This is a relationship that is thought to be clearly canon in the books, and many fan fictions and pictures are based on the two boys.
I read a fanfic about SxR the other day where Sirius writes a note to Remus about how he loves him during their school years.
by Kathleen the green bean November 29, 2006
Acronym for Oh My Rock Star.
OMRS! That is way cute.
by Kathleen the green bean January 02, 2007
Nail polish remover put into a fancy bottle.
The other day I drank some vodka.. it tasted like shit.
by Kathleen the green bean December 09, 2006

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