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I. High in tempurature, opposite of cold.

II. Physically attractive (also, see hott)
Ouch! The stove is hot.

Damn that girl is hot.
by Kathleen da Green Bean November 19, 2006
I. A replacement of the word 'the' to sound ghetto. Something like that.

II. An abbreviation for deviant art; d - deviant, a -art.
I. Bill: Yo, did you go to da club, dawg?
Steve: No, Bill. I did not go to THE club.

II. I got so excited when somebody favourited my art on dA!
by Kathleen da green bean December 21, 2006
An acronym for The Barenaked Ladies. They are a Canadian alternative band.
Emma: Hey, did you go to that BNL concert?
Tigerlily: Yeah! They put on a good show.
by Kathleen da green bean December 21, 2006

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