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1.) a term used by Buddhists to describe a state of complete enlightenment free from desire and suffering
2.) a band that, in its final line-up featured singer, songwriter, and guitarist Kurt Cobain, bassist Krist Novoselic, and drummer Dave Grohl; dominated rock music throughout the early 1990s with their "grunge" sound, which at the time was quite common to many bands in Seattle, Washington; before his death in 1994 which is usually attributed to suicide, Cobain used his influence to rail against sexism, racism, homophobia, corporate control, and the mainstreaming of the underground; Nirvana inspired many with thier mix of heartfelt and emotional music and unique social conciousness
1.) Sometimes when I close my eyes I almost feel like I've reached nirvana.
2.) My favorite Nirvana song is "Lithium."
by Kathleen O'Neal October 18, 2004
an extremely talented singer, songwriter, and pianist who uses her music to speak out on a variety of personal, political, social, and artistic topic, founded an organization (RAINN) to combat womens' abuse, probably fucked Trent Reznor, melds classical training with a pop and hard rock sensibility to create a blend that is all her own
Tori Amos's album "Boys for Pele" is one of my favorite albums.
by Kathleen O'Neal October 18, 2004

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