12 definitions by Kathleen

An awesome sport that requires a lot of skill(more so for girls than guys lax).
by Kathleen June 28, 2003
it's when u look ugly and can't pronounce shit
mr truong said ditributib instead of distributive and when he say 1 time 2 time 3 time 4 time 5
by kathleen April 22, 2003
wild unpredictable
Last night's party was a maximum jetty
by Kathleen January 05, 2004
the fricking coolest subject in the universe!
mo: i'm bored *sigh*
jo: math?
mo: heck, yes!
by kathleen March 07, 2005
Cassie P.'s man bye.
Cassie and Pete have nonstop sex.
by kathleen August 09, 2004

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