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when someone is really stupid.
"hey shit head whats going on?"
"durr..my shirt!"
by kathleen March 31, 2005
An affirmation, usually positive and resolute, indicating a more legimate, committed response than the conventional, vernacular "yes."

It may be used in any place in the standard English sentence as often and frequently as possible.

While its origin has yet to be definitively confirmed, the term is widely believed to have originated sometime in the early 21st century in the Columbia region of the Island of Manhattan, when used by the feminist historian and future president popularly known as Annie T. Since her incorporation of the term into the common English of Ivy League academics, 'forsure' has become an international phenomenon. It is estimated that "forsure" is spoken 2309402589247646 times per minute internationally, and 2390402580582 times per second between 110th and 116th streets.
KC: "Are you up for some 'ruit tonight?"
AT: "Oh for sure dude. Plus the Sox/Yanks are on which we for sure have to see."
KC: "Oh totally, the sox are for sure taking this series and what's better than beirut and the sox?"
AT: "ruit, sox and ganj dude"
KC: "for sure"
by Kathleen October 14, 2004
I'm good with that.
bob: Hey, you wanna go to hooters, uhh, for the chicken wings?

jim: I'M GAME.
by kathleen April 21, 2004
Bad odor, And bring it together badoda.
That guy be smellin'. He must have a case of badoda.
by Kathleen April 08, 2005
two young girls who get hit on constantly by dirty old men at the summit. they are extremely hott but for some reason they attract these odd commodities.
those poor girls they must be lynn and jenn...i'll save you!
by kathleen October 25, 2004
the utmost hell that is experienced for 12 years unless the stupid asshole that likes school wants to go to college
i will burn down the school if i have to go their one more fucking day!
by kathleen March 15, 2003
someone who still loves you when you fart in their face..
girl: *farts*
bff: gross! gosh, i love you!
by kathleen March 07, 2005
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