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Kathinka (russian: Катенька) wise, beautiful and proud woman (or terror)

Kathinkas are easy to define. When you see her, she blends you with her awesomeness and witty remarks. She's easy to spot as she is all over the place, having some form of comunication with every person in the room, being in language, squeeky noises or sexy body language.

She's funny, sporty and love both sexes, no descrimination! She loves attention, and gets fiesty if she doesn't get it! She lure you in her web of love and enchantment, but be aware; she'll drop you like a month old sandwitch if you don't please her!
Is that Kathinka?
DUH, ofcourse it is, look at her!
Oh man, you're right!
by Kathinka-lover April 25, 2011

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