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1 definition by Katffro

A website where Harry Potter fans, Waldo finders, Walmart fanatics, and average people go to see what's happening with their average comrades. The website has changed "average" from "normal" to "crazy awesome."
Quoted from mylifeisaverage:
"Today, I was drinking out of a cup with a straw. As I went for a sip, the straw went to the other side of the cup, so I decided to not use it. I went to take a regular sip, when the straw swung back around poked me in the eye. I'm sorry I offended you, Straw. MLIA."

"Today I visted my mom in her office at my school. Her boss' door was shut and had a sign on it that said "Do not enter or clean." I jokinly asked whose body was stashed in there. She looked at me with a concerned expression and asked if I could smell anything. I'm now slightly concerned. MLIA"
by Katffro March 28, 2010
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