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When your half past buzzed but not quite drunk.
When I stumbled over that boulder he excused me of being drunk but I told him I was just feeling schwilly.
by Kates January 10, 2005
a homosexual behaving bat from northeast africa...usually has more than one very small penis tucked under a fold of skin...where he keeps the fruit of his loins. White Boys are often compared to these.
"hey man look at that white boy over dere...devries muh home boy, devries"
*black guys laugh* '
by kates March 14, 2005
Goat rope basically means pain in the ass. Imagine what a pain it would be to pull a goat by a rope and you got it.

Rural phrase makes good here in DC.
Man...this is such a goat rope. (Said while stuck in bad traffic.)
by Kates March 07, 2005

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