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1 definition by Katerina Ivanovna

yornslack yhorn-slhak, n- 1. a badass situation, such as where one might get laid.
ex: "omg jeanne, last night i was eyeing this total fox who was checkin me out also - even mentioned that he had been meaning to ask for my number - but i had to leave early, which sucked! what bad timing for that because our conversation was such a yornslack!"
2. (used in sarcasm) a situation or thing that is terrible, deadly, or just plain shitty.
ex: "So Jeanne, I heard you got herpes... what a yornslack, haha!"
verb, 1. to-, to be a total mother-fucking badass; to exist as one of whom all others may be jealous; working one's "mojo"
ex: "Wow, that Kathryn, she really yornslacked today."
adjective, 1. -ing, a person, thing, or situation that is so kick-ass that it may blow one's mind.
ex: "I shook Michael Franti's hand... it was the most yornslacking thing that has ever happened to me."
by Katerina Ivanovna May 05, 2008