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3 definitions by Katerina

Very charming, outgoing personality. Tough to figure out at first, however worth the effort in the long run.(usually a person)
by Katerina October 14, 2003
41 24
something that a dirty boyfriend lies about getting
see also STD
chris said he got a test, but the fucker was lying
by katerina October 20, 2003
13 11
Some one who is known to hang outside Castle Towers, pretending to be gangsters from the ghetto or lebbos/ulehs from banktown. They are generally within the age group of 11- 14 coming from rich families where their dads earn 6 figure incomes. Usually hang around lowies such as elena.
Uleh 1: hey Uleh, did u see those lowiez?
Uleh: nah brah, i was with my mum shopping for a huge golden cross uleh
Uleh: you're da maddest brah
person 1: shut up u towers hangers
by katerina October 14, 2004
2 2