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4 definitions by KateKT

a guys "thing" which he puts in the girls hood
"dang girl! his ornament is HUGE!"
"his ornament felt amazing in my hood"
by KateKT January 10, 2006
best friends, friends, or just the coolest kid around!!!!!
"we are best buddy bizes!" "shes a cool biz" "omg i love that biz hes so funny!" "greg is the geometry biz"
by KateKT December 21, 2005
as in, when you add the boy to the girl
o cmon you know....
when the guy sticks his ornament into the hood????
*cough sex cough*
"hey, girl, the narrator and i purpled all night"
"blanksville population: 2. it was a very purple town"
"they kissed and kissed and a light shade of purple was produced"
on school trips, blue+blue is ok, and pink +pink is ok, but we DON'T WANT PURPLE!!!!
by KateKT January 10, 2006
a guy/girl who is half caucasion half Japanese. He's insanely cool and usually pretty hot. Theyre usually rich, too.
Brian is the coolest Wapanese I know!
by KateKT December 22, 2005