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3 definitions by Kate Mossberg

This is when a dog comes up to your face and kinda sniffs but gets wet dog nose on you and a little bit of slobber. This happens often when you sleep on a couch around a larger dog.
Eww dude, your dog keeps snarfling my face

Pooch, don't snarfle me!
by Kate Mossberg December 11, 2006
(pronounced buki)
A slang word for an African American, typically used by white people. Less offensive version of "nigger" and non deragtory adjective.
Poor Jamal, he is the only buki in his school, he gets picked on by rednecks.
by Kate Mossberg November 25, 2006
Slang term for an African American. Non deragatory, but fresh.
Look at that booky over there... he sure look gangsta
by Kate Mossberg December 11, 2006