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Okay so frist off, let's get this straight...

Scene kids DO NOT shop @ Hot Topic.
Not fucking scene kid is going to want to shop @ a store that everyone knows about.
Some people don't understand the definition of the term "scene".
They think they can write a bunch of bullshit on the internet saying how fucking gay scene kids are with their eyeliner & tight pants.
Scene once started out as the music scene.
Not how tight yr jeans are compared to everyone else's or how many times you've died yr hair in the past week.
Just because of how you talk or what you wear or what music you listen to doesn't mean yr scene.
Fuck you, no you aren't.
If you rly hate the "scene kids" so much, then get a fucking life.
Stop worrying about how other people live their lives.
Obv you must be jealous enough to bash them over the internet.
-Yr fellow "scene kid"
The scene kids will shove a fucking glowstick down yr throat if you gots somethin to say bitch.
by Kate Havok May 12, 2008
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