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An epic M rated AU fanfiction series, famous for both being long and well written, and also including many fanfiction cliches. These cliches include: Slytherin!Harry, Mentor!Snape, Manipulative!Dumbledore, Wrong BWL and more. The main pairing of the arc is HP/DM slash. Could be compared to the dangerverse, another famous AU.
The Sacrifices Arc begins with "Saving Connor" and can be found on Skyhawke, Fanfiction.net and LJ.
by Kat Shadow December 14, 2010
someone who wears polyester clothing and likes neon.
the name comes from the fact that in a fire their clothes will probably be the thing that make building burn down
they like dancing to pop
"see that flammable over there- so much neon"
(see also st trinians 2)
by Kat Shadow December 17, 2009

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