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3 definitions by Kat Oakley

the dumbest excuse for insulting or describing clothes aimed at black people. (not pertaining to you urban dictionary)
My friends and I just got back from getting some Baby Phat stilettos at Urban Footwear.
by Kat Oakley January 09, 2009
When you are confused whether someone is a dyke or faggot, they are called bitchasturds. When a boy is a jerk he is called a basturd and when a girl is a witch, she is called a bitch. thus, they are combined
Courtney: I hate Devin. He is such a bitchasturd. I mean, have you seen the way he walks? He looks like a total fag. But he had a girlfriend last year. I'm confused.
by Kat Oakley May 27, 2009
Alex wolff just might be the cutest thing in the world. he has a bunch of good qualities and is the right match for me. there. i said it.
groupie 1: omg did u see alex wolff's new braces?

groupie 2: yeah there soooooooo adorable! i cant wait until there off! he'll look so much better!

groupie 1: ......... if you were a real fan of alex wolff, you would like with or without his braces. poser.
by Kat Oakley March 15, 2009