182 definitions by Kat

very hot and sexy name
kathryn is sooo hott
by kat February 01, 2005

aiye aiye aiye aiye aiye aiye aiye
oh yeah,we want this guy to have his finger on the button....
by kat January 23, 2004
A community or micro village of "little peoples" usually with miniature houses and compact cars.
There is a Midgetville is in Vienna, Virginia.
by Kat July 25, 2005
Verb. To shake rapidly like when one is having a seizure
Every time Ralph sobered up, his hands would shake and often, he would fall to the floor and kibby violently.
by kat January 13, 2005
Taken from the Japanese 'KENN'. The act of completely fouling up your sentence structure, but making it look good.
Hi ! Boys&Girls ! ! All was fine ?
by Kat November 02, 2004
a woman's vagina which has not been properly groomed or maintained.
God Michelle, you fucktwat, i can see your dirty perogie through your underwear. No one will want to chuck it in!
by kat February 13, 2004
a north yorkshire term for a coat
get yer ganzie on its bloody freezing ouy
by kat December 10, 2003

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