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mXc is effing awesome...
by kat November 17, 2003
Our hallucinatory friend Syd, is an imaginative word for the underlying spirit of acid. Popularized by Eminem as slang for acid..."Try syd and get fucked up worse than my life is. My brain's dead, wait, I'm trying to get my head straight"
Our friend syd dropped by to say hello, and ever since then we've been trippin balls.
by Kat November 20, 2004
Complete shit-head who tried to kill Faramir. Total buttmunch. So *not* uber.
That guy's so mean...he's such a Denethor!
by Kat April 14, 2004
A really sappy family drama that's been on since '96.
In all honesty it really should get cancelled because the writers keep on recycling the same old stories each season.
Basic episode ending.

Eric: We're really disapointed in (Fill in kids name) we love you and we want you to know that we are here for you not matter what.

Annie: (Fill in kids name) your Father and I love you and we raised you to behave better than this now go on up stairs and we'll come up with a suitable grounding.

Kid: Thanks Mom and Dad I love you both too.
by Kat November 09, 2004
A great show that plays on the WB every Monday at 9pm.

It's about a recently widowed man who used to be a workaholic but when his wife dies realizes that he has to raise his children he barely knows.
So he moves them from New York to a small town in Everwood, Colarado.
Here's why I love this show Ephram and Amy are so good together.

Ephram : You gotta stop doing that.
Amy : What?
Ephram : Saying things that make me wanna kiss you.
by Kat November 09, 2004
Term given to a girl or group of girls who have all at one time hooked up with and or dated one or more men from the same social group.
"It just happened to be that they were all circle sluts, though it wasn't their fault, these boys were just friendly"
by Kat September 26, 2003
Personally, I'm not too fond of this channel.

I agree when people say "it's not MTV because it shows music." They show some great shows called The Punk Show, Loud (I watch these two a lot), Going Coastal and The Wedge (sometimes I watch these shows). There are also many other music shows that people watch.

However, I also don't really agree about how Much is a music channel. Sure Much Music is a music channel... but when I flick to that channel, I see MTV Cribs. I also see a show called "Much Fakeover" which is basiclly another version of MTV Becoming, except without the cool presents and videos. There is also a show called Fandemonium, where fans are tortured to meet and win cool stuff related to the band. There are also reality shows called 'Til Death Do Us Part and Newly Weds, which again are reality shows borrowed FROM MTV! There is another show called "Much In Your Space" where you get you and your room madeover to look like the artist. And what about Much On Demand? That's like TRL, but with vote-a-matics and located in Canada.

In conclusion: Much is slowly becoming the new MTV for Canadians, and even other countries.
I think Much is soon becoming the new MTV, or just plain old MTV... Newly Weds, Becoming, 'Til Death Do Us Part, Duets, Making The Band 2, etc.
by Kat September 08, 2004

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