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To Give PrrOPs, to recognize.
Kudos To you, holmes!
by kat February 17, 2005
An late night or over night flight.
When asked how her trip was, Kelly responded with "Terrible. My last flight was a redeye and I'm exhausted."
by Kat December 11, 2003
all in my business....nosey...not minding own business
man sarah..you u all up in my kool-aid
by kat October 21, 2004
Hottest Boys on the PLANET!!
Boys to drool over...emo!!
by Kat February 25, 2005
Ill means sweet or tight and na na mean poonntang...so it means sweet poontang
Do you see Shannen over there? I banged her, she got the ill na na.
by Kat August 22, 2003
When a lardass's breastesses exceed the size of his female partners, and he needs some support in that region.
I saw a guy trying on a bra in Victoria's Secret. It was red and lacy.
by kat July 11, 2003
Bangers = small spicy sausages
Mash = Potatoes Mashed
Anyone care for some bangers and mash?
by Kat September 03, 2003

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