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Verb - To maul in the face with finger tips in towards cranium.
I bear clawed Tom after he skinned the bear Andrew.
by Kasper October 01, 2004
its the man thats the guy and no one can do shit about it god dammit!!!!!!!
grocktologist ohhhh ohhhhhhttt
by Kasper December 01, 2004
getting in tha sitiation of gettin down with a girl at a club or somtin and she got a badoonkadoonk and a nice pair of titties but her face looks like she wuz beaten with a ugly base ball bat, well long story short brown bag special is getting a brown paper bag and putting it over a bitches head so that you dont have to see her face while your bangin the dogg shit out of her!!!!
damn fool!!!!!!! that bitches face looks busted as hell, shit she got a badoonkadoonk.........brown bag special
by Kasper March 28, 2004
Kris 4 Sho
"whats it going to be?"
"rep kris"
by Kasper March 06, 2004
when u get fucked up at a party then go to fuck ya girl, you can supposovly fuck the shit out of her in your eyes, but in reality or the girls eyes its the shittiest fuck immagionable.
last night i gave her long and hard and shitty drunk whiskey dick.
by Kasper December 01, 2004
A person who smokes weed so much that they think about nothing but weed all day long.
That dope fiend just hit his 24th blunt of the day!
by Kasper November 19, 2003

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