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A shit-hole with a HORRIBLE west side (of course what town DOESN'T have a bad west side???) At one time was home to Delco-Remy (GM factories), which pretty much kept the town alive...now that they're LONG gone, the town is deader than a doornail, everyone is either on unemployment or welfare, or has to drive to Indianapolis for a REAL job! No good bars or clubs, so most hang out at house parties or cruise the countryside with a drink in hand. Has two disgusting strip-clubs...Hoosier Girls and the VIP (also known as the HIV in most circles). Also is home to a third-rate Speedway which is home to the 'Little 500', where you can get a glimpse of the true redneck, douchebag spirit of the city! Viva craphole!!!! ;)
I went to a race at the Speedway in Anderson, IN, and saw more toothless, redneck, idiotic morons than I've EVER seen in my life!!!
by Kashmir4444444 July 15, 2009

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