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A code word for Cock Block; Corresponding with the 3rd and 2nd letters of the Alphabet, CB
Damn Jake, Ryno was such a 32 when he fucked it up for you and Kelsey.
by Kasheed Wallace May 22, 2011
Thraga aka Thraki is used to describe dirty brick weed, like brown shit, as bad as it gets..
Yo son did you cop any buds?

Yeah B but i got burnt the shit is straight Thraga.


Damn bro why you always smokin that Thraki?
by Kasheed Wallace May 22, 2011
To kill someone who's pissed you off;
Usually done with one strike
Im'a MurderBop that Bitch ass nigga

You finna get MurderBoped?
by Kasheed Wallace May 22, 2011
Short version of "The Ill"

Meaning extraordinary,
Yo shorty got Dill ass!

That was Dill sandwich.
by Kasheed Wallace May 22, 2011

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