20 definitions by Kash

shredded mint leaves that are sprinkled with PCP and rolled into a joint.
I got dusted last night.
by Kash April 07, 2003
tits. punjabi warld
whomens chest
by Kash November 08, 2003
When you're wondering if your underaged girlfriend's parents are home.
The perve was skiddish untill he saw her mom's car pull out of the driveway.
by kash March 08, 2005
a person on which u can not trust
a person who tell your week points to others
by Kash November 08, 2003
Trichloroethane, the propellant in computer cleaner (aka, duster) that is inhaled for recreational purposes
I need a hit of nitro.
by Kash April 07, 2003
(v) the act of taking a shit after snorting a trail of crystal meth or coke.
Hey, uh, can I take a quick squirt in your restroom?
by Kash April 07, 2003

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