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Named after Murray Walker brittish Formula 1 motor sport comentator from 1949 to 2001, who often makes humorous mistakes during his commentary of Formula 1 races, also known for his catchphrase 'Unless I'm very much mistaken....I AM very much mistaken!'
Classic Murryism's:

"Do my eyes deceive me, or is Senna's Lotus sounding rough?"

"...Cruel luck for Alesi, second on the grid. That's the first time he had started from the front row in a Grand Prix, having done so in Canada earlier this year..."
by Karzac November 07, 2005
Chinese board game, also known as go. Popular throughout asia partiularly Japan, Korea and China, also gaining popularity around the rest of the world.
Let's play a game of wei chi!
by Karzac August 23, 2005
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