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A vending machine in schools responsible for chubbing up many youngsters.

Also a robust and comical type of person with bad hand eye coordination and spacial awarness - they chub around the place usually by accident.
Oh no here comes a chubulator! Quick lets move out the way before he bundles over to the vendor.
by Karrde February 12, 2004
The mobile version of a Bloat Factory.
Wow that factory has moved from the couch.
by Karrde March 22, 2004
A simple yet desicive way of summing up a fool, typically the type who does chemistry and believes they posses unparalled skills in football.
PhillyC "its DW"
by Karrde February 12, 2004
In World of Warcraft (or any other MMO), a spell/effect cast on another player which has no discernible benefit to that player, such as an Intellect buff on a Warrior.
Druid casts Arcane Intellect on Warrior.
Warrior: Uh.. thanks.
Druid: lolbuffs!
by Karrde August 21, 2007
A last-resort insult commonly used by Battlefield: Vietnam players of sub-par intelligence when their clans fail to show up for assigned matches. Also in frequent use as a joke insult and method of confusing detonate.
"This is DISCUSTING! Your a MORAN!"
by Karrde July 03, 2004

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