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A phrase said in a wheezing voice when a referenced person has some sort of facial hair, i.e. beard, moustache, goatee, soul patch, sideburns, etc.

The phrase originated from a joke in 60's and 70's when women were a little less "well kept" down there than they are today. When looking at the woman from behind, pubic hair could be seen hanging between the woman's legs. When informing your friends of the experience, you would tell them that she didn't have a beard on her face, but BY CRACKY!
I was talking to my buddy when he referenced Santa Claus in our conversation. I immediately shouted out, "By Cracky!" in a wheezy voice.
by Karps31 February 10, 2009
A gay person who analyzes other men's choice of fashion, style, and other gay things. The term was derived from the mispronunciation of "game analyst"...one who analyzes various sporting events.
That gay manalyst keeps talking about how fabulous and super that guy's shoes and shirt are. I wonder what he thinks of his fanny pack.
by Karps31 March 05, 2008

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