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One of the best and most influential bands to come out of the black metal genre.
Emperor was formed in 1991 with the lineup of: Samoth (Drums/Vocals), Ihsahn (Guitar), and Mortiis (Bass)

However, this lineup changed in many ways and their latest lineup was Ihsahn (Vocals/Guitars/Bass/Synth), Samoth (Guitars), and Trym (Drums)
The band disbanded in 2001, but their legend still lives on.

Emperor (1992) (Split CD w/ Enslaved)
In The Nightside Eclipse (1993)
Anthems to the Welkin at Dusk (1997)
Thorns vs. Emperor (1998) (Split CD w/ Thorns)
IX Equilibrium (1998)
Emperial Live Ceremony (2000)
Prometheus - The Discipline of Fire and Demise (2001)
I just saw Emperor in concert last night! They put on one of the best live shows! Ihsahn's vocals were dead on!
by karnage December 24, 2004
A word Used by Kramer in a game of scrabble.
"To Qwone something"


"If the patient is difficult, you qwone him"
by KaRnAgE March 02, 2005
A thrash metal band with gypsy folklore elements hailing from Hungary. Their sound is very similar to and influenced by Sepultura. Which means they are very heavy with nice guitar solos and catchy lyrics. For more info visit www.ektomorf.com
Ektomorf's new CD, Instinct, comes out in March 2005.
by karnage January 31, 2005
One kickass motherfucker. Pwns you at any game. Likes to idle in #rgrdgr on IRC.GameSurge.Net
Dude, Karnage is owning me at AHL. Wait, he owns me at everything! D: D: I'm gonna go cyber on AIM or something..
by Karnage June 23, 2004
A slimmed down version of Roger Dodger.
#rgrdgr is a great IRC channel on IRC.GameSurge.net
by Karnage June 22, 2004
IRC bot made by DuckHunt that says random sentences when told.
DuckHunt: Potatoz, use sentence I (v:past) a (n) last night!
Potatoz: I spurned a mother last night!
by Karnage June 23, 2004

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