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Ok, too much arguing. My Chemical Romance are a fantastic band who have worked hard to get the popularity that they recieve. Although MTV has played I'm Not OK too much, MCR are not any worse for it. They are brilliant, all their songs are great. It doesn't matter where they fit, everyone should shut up about what genre they are in and listen to the music. They do't claim to be anything they aren't, and it is up to the fans to decide what genre they fit into, not the people who hate MCR, beause it shoulden't matter to them unless they have severe mental problems. Leave MCR alone if you don't like them! Gerard Way is not gay, neither are any of the other members.
my chemical romance Hater1- "MCR is stupid emo crap!"
MCR HAter2- "MCR is definately not punk"
blah blah blah

MCR Fan- "listen to the music. If you don't like it, just shut up and stop saying how much you hate it. No-one is forcing you to listen to it. Turn MTV off if it annoys you that much."
by Karlludo April 17, 2006

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