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1. A female who dresses ghetto ho fabulous. Lots of gold, lots of weave-typically Pattie LaBelle style with red, purple, gold, or orange streaks, and long nails with lots of airbrush glitter, and color. This female's goal in life is to use her female attriibutes to obtain a male with lots of money or any money to spend on her. Weaves, rent, & diapers for her baby from another daddy included. 2. A ghetto version of a "Gold Digger".
Friday night (payday} at the club: "Ooo, girl the hoochie mamas are out trollin' tonight!"
by Karla January 21, 2004
Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada
Slang term used too describe lethbridge
Deathbridge sucks major ass, theres shit all too do
by Karla January 30, 2004
Female who sleeps around a lot, and blames it on her hormones
What the fuck is up with her whoremones......she sleeps around a lot..and blames it on hormones
by Karla January 30, 2004
A Chimick is one who dominates the Chimera. A Chimera is a group of fire-breathing she-monsters which is depicted as a composite of a Lion (head),Goat(body), and Serpent(tail).

A Chimick is depicted as fire-breathing she-monsters who supersede all. Depicted as a composite of an Eagle(beak and wings), Lion(face with mane, and body), Goat(hoofs), and Serpent(tail).
A spectacular sight to see from a distance. Due to this incredible beings physical structure. They are Superior over all beasts because they can travel the highest, rule the land and swim to the deepest of oceans. thae on land water and air
by Karla January 06, 2005
Noun: the gross sound that someone makes when they blow their nose.
A combination of snot and racket.
Quit making all that snocket!
by Karla May 10, 2004
A fantastic word from the faeries
Wow faetastic.....It was great
by Karla January 31, 2004
a hot, cute croatian girl, who loves ice skatin for 1 special reason-(Tim)
marta-"men, i wish we could go ice skatin 2day, so i can c T**
by karla February 19, 2005

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