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A software project which has been forced to cease operations due to legal action.

The very first Foxed project was "Aliens Quake". 20th Century Fox forced users to stop distributing the software on the grounds that it infringed on their IP. Since the introduction of the DMCA many other proejcts have beeen Foxed including the DeCSS DVD cracking software.

See: "A Jail of Two Cities" interview of Dave "WhiteNoise" Wallin by Fragmaster@planetquake
Open-source advocates hope that the MONO project is not Foxed by Microsoft.
by Karl the Pagan March 10, 2004
"Projects like "Quake Done Quick" must surely be the product of a TCC personality."
by Karl The Pagan February 25, 2004
1. An exclamation of frustration, dejection, or contempt directed at the cause of those feelings.

2. An exclamation used to communicate the subject(s)'s exclusion from a conversation or social event. See: Talk to the hand

possible origin: tturtle & friends on #seattle @ irc.EFnet.net circa 1998
girl - "My mind is glowing."
boy, distracted - "...don't care."
girl - "You're Fired!"
by Karl The Pagan February 24, 2004
Counter-Strike: Natural Selection has a classic CSC where Marines occasionally have to let the Aliens take back a hive or a few resource nodes before all that team's players quit.
by Karl The Pagan February 25, 2004
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