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The act of seeing or experiencing an item, person, or activity which you have not seen in a long time.

Also commonly refered to as 'A blast from the past'
Guy 1: Woah I just found a Pokemon First Generation Nintendo cartridge!
Guy 2: Total Pasta Blaster dude.
by Karl McLoven May 14, 2011
Wife Or Girlfriend
Singular of WAG (Wives And Girlfriends)

A female who is overpublicised, vacuous, anorexic,. Usually found lurking at football matches, easily distinguised by their orange skin tone and high body plastic index, ostensibly present for the purpose of pleasuring the England football team, but in reality with the intention of being photographed obtaining fashion advice from chief WOG Mrs. Beckham in the hope that this will lead to a future appearance on "celebrity love island".
Person 1: Look at that WAG !
Person 2: That's not a WAG, that's a WOG
Person 1: What's a WOG?
Person 2: A Wife OR Girlfriend
Person 1: Then what's a WAG???? ps I am a retard
Person 2: A WAG stands for Wives AND Girlfriends. A Singular person cannot be both a Wife and Girlfriend.
Person 1: So the singular of WAG is WOG right?
Person 2: Yes.
by Karl McLoven June 13, 2011
Verb - Dirty Spaceman

The act of performing consensual anal sex on a male or female whilst wearing a condom

Origin: New Zealand
Guy 1: I took that hot guy home from the gay bar lastnight
Guy 2: How'd it go?
Guy 1: I gave him the Dirty Spaceman
Guy 2: Glad you play it safe
by Karl McLoven June 21, 2011
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