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Sleazecore Noiserock Industrial Body Mutilation Musick, based out of Columbus, Ohio USA. Only Flesh shows include their trademark sleazecore noise rock, accompanied by various body mods and intricate and lavish suspensions all through the performance. If your lucky you might even see an occasional apperance by the vice squad, fire dept, and or local news team.
" That Only Flesh show last nite f@cking OWNED!!!"
by KarenLess November 20, 2004
Starhole is another word for your anus.
" I gave her the "shocker" by inserting two fingers in her box and one in her starhole, and she loved it!!"
by KarenLess November 20, 2004
The Thunderpunch is performed by screwing a dame from behind doggystyle, then exactly at the point of orgasm, you pull out from the dirty lil concubine, and with all your might, you uppercut her right in the box, while spraying your man goo all over the place.....then in your best AC/DC "Thunderstruck" voice you must yell,....." You've Been THUNDERPUNCHED!!!...huuugghhh!!!!"
" I thunderpunched that broad so hard I broke her pelvis and my fist was sore for a week..."
by KarenLess November 20, 2004
one who is the little wussy kid in school, whom always got their milk money stolen from them. Also used in reference to describe someone who is or was a lil pussy boy...
" Look at that guy..what a milk money billy!"
by KarenLess November 20, 2004

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