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3 definitions by Karen Fleming

A person (generally man) who "couldn't get laid in a brothel back home", who moves to a poor country where prosititues are cheap to "finally be treated like the man he always knew he was."

The difference between a sex-tourist and a sexpat is the sexpat must LIVE in the country, a sex-tourist is a short stay visitor.
A sexpat approached me in Starbucks whining "all the Thai girls are just after my money."

"Ohhh reeeally" I mocked Mr Ugly Sexpat, did you think it was your fat gut or your balding head the pretty girls were after?
by Karen Fleming December 26, 2005
Expated: A person who has lived and worked as an expat (expatriate), and then gone back home (repatriated). The past tense of an expat, expatriate, or expat-brat.
Karen and Dave expated in China for two years.
by Karen Fleming December 26, 2005
The now tense for a person who is currently posted in an expat (expatriate) position.
Karen and David got married while expating in Thailand.
by Karen Fleming December 26, 2005