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Appetizers that you typically get in a chain or fast food restaurant that are usually high-fat, high-cholesterol, and high-calorie (but we usually eat them anyhow).
Let's just order some crappetizers: chili-cheese fries with ranch dressing, loaded nachos with extra cheese, and some potato skins with bacon and sour cream!
#junk food #appetizer #food #unhealthy #bad eating
by Karen Drummey August 04, 2007
When you know what is about to happen is not good, because it happended before and you feel it's about to happen again.
Friend 1:

"I think he will be faithful this time."

Friend 2:
"Wake up. You're about to get deja screwed."
#screwed over #cheated #denial #repeat #fool
by Karen Drummey December 06, 2009
Reading someone else's magazine before the owner even knows it's arrived.
My neighbor's magazine came to my house by accident, but I'll precycle it before I bring it to his house.
by Karen Drummey March 29, 2016
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