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phrase Princess Pea from "Super WHY" says whenever something goes wrong. A less offensive way of saying "Oh my God"
Oh my peas, why is that hare upside down?
by Karen Stickney October 27, 2007
a song by country singer Gary Allan that emo-haters and others who hate depressing music need to hear so they can see that life has its struggles
"Life ain't always beautiful. Tears will fall sometimes. Life ain't always beautiful, but it's a beautiful life". Face it, people. Life ain't always beautiful, so why do you have to go and diss depressing music just because the singers aren't happy all the time?
by Karen Stickney August 20, 2006
a person who is so uptight that even the most innocent things done to them seem wrong
Zack saw the band Poison the Well in concert, and the security guards there were so restrictive, their lead singer called them cock-ass bitches, and so the whole band was thrown out of the venue, he later mentioned on a message board.
by Karen Stickney February 25, 2007
nuts, bonkers, silly
1)Me: "Do you want to know what Arthur thinks lavender smells like? Froot Loops!"

Carol: "Arthur is a froot loop!"

2) Arthur is a real froot loop to think lavender smells like Froot Loops. I smelled it for myself and discovered he was right. Does that make me a froot loop, too?
by Karen Stickney May 12, 2007
a song by American Idol winner Kelly Clarkson. Known for its Avril Lavigne-meets-Papa Roach pop/alternative metal sound, it is quite darker than what we are used to hearing from her. Dissed mainly by people who either (1) say it's meaningless pop music, or (2) are skeptical because of some of its phrases that they think Kelly shouldn't be saying because she's a teen pop singer (I was one of the latter).
To the person who dissed "Behind These Hazel Eyes" in the Kelly Clarkson definition, you forgot to add some of these lyrics to diss. "Seems like just yesterday, you were a part of me" and "No, I don't cry on the outside ANYMORE!" were just as meaningless as the other lyrics you posted there. Besides, the latter lyric is really unnecessary. No one cares except for people that know her that she doesn't cry on the outside anymore.
by Karen Stickney December 30, 2006
Eve 6 before Tony Fagenson. It featured Max Collins, Jon Siebels, and a guy named Nick whose last name I can't remember.
Is that Eleventeen CD going to see the light of day?
by Karen Stickney September 17, 2006
Author of Social Stories and the phrase "Normal doesn't exist"
Hey Mike, you're not the only one who says that normal doesn't exist. Carol Gray says the same thing. Did you get that from her?
by Karen Stickney February 11, 2007
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