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A term given to a person who is an insane, ruthless Norwegian who has an unstable mind and a weakness for chicks. But despite their exterior qualities - they love computer games especially Star Wars Jedi Knight Jedi Academy. The user also enjoys games such as StarCraft and Battlefield 2. But whereas the user may seem ruthless at times - it would only be because a rule breaker is afoot or possible someone that the user doesn't like. However, their aggressive qualities also allow them to be 'flexible' when it comes to conversation - almost any subject is able to be talked about with such a user.
Look at that guy, such anger toward that rule-breaker...he must be a Venix
by Karawasa May 17, 2008
A term given to one who loves computers, and participates in online gaming. The user enjoys online games that simulate 'war' scenarios, along with Star Wars games-especially Star Wars Jedi Knight Jedi Academy. The user is also an excellent public speaker in real life, and has excellent leadership skills, but prefers only to use them in special situations. The users liking for computers may seem like he/she is on 24/7 but they have an outside life with a loving family. Despite having a strange taste in music styles one thing is for certain with a user such as a 'Karawasa' and that is that they love to ROCK ON! \m/ -_- \m/.
\m/ -_- \m/ ROCK ON - A Karawasa!
by Karawasa May 17, 2008
A term given to a person who plays Star Wars Jedi Knight Jedi Academy - A person of few words most of the time, however is always a fun person to be around. The user will most DEFINETLY be one of the 4 main MOOG masters, and isn't afraid of telling people. Thou they may seem like a 'quiet' person - their sabers skills are nothing to sneeze at. Showing superior dueling skills - and are unafraid of a challenge.
Look at that guy, such saber skills - he's a Scolam for sure.
by Karawasa May 24, 2008
A online user name, given in very rare circumstances, to a person who LOVES the game Star wars Jedi Knight Jedi Academy on the PC. Another large trait that such a user would have is the browsing of many forums, usually associated with clans/alliances, computer graphics, and programming language. Whereas this user may seem like they are 'casting their soul away' they aren't - Aside from there computer life, they have a casual 'everyday' family, whom he/she enjoys being around.
Wow! That guys a soulcast

by Karawasa May 15, 2008
A term given to a person who plays Star Wars Jedi Knight Jedi Academy. The user is feared for their 'fanning' attacks, and ruthlessly slaughters all during FFA matches. Most of the time they will be ranked #1 on a server. But despite their superior saber skills - they are generally bored most of the time. However their company is greatly appreciated by all when they are on the server.
He's leader - and he's bored? SO a l3gion.
by Karawasa May 25, 2008
A term used on a Person formed when the abilities of Jedi and awesomeness are mixed together, Usually creating insanity. Artistic awareness and athletic abilities are usually seen in this certain specimen. Women are usually attracted to the specimen also - Though, he is usually attracted to "tentacles" and the name "GiGgLeS".
Your a Jedidude - no doubt about it
by Karawasa May 19, 2008
A term overused mainly by many teenagers in high school, mainly abused during public speeches because of nervousness felt by the user. However it is sometimes abused when talking to friends..either way...its abused, and people need to learn to say other words other than 'like'
Like i went to the store? and like....i bought some stuff? and like..like...like i drove home after that..then like...like..like like - i forgot.
by Karawasa May 14, 2008

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