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1. n. Superior embroidery or screenprinting. 2. n. The feeling one experiences when in the presence of superior embroidery or screenprinting. 3. adj. A word used to describe superior embroidery or screen-printing.
1. Your shirt's azca looks awesome!
2. I'm so azca when I wear my personalized work uniform.
3. Dude, your company logo is so azca on that shirt!
by KaraokeFanboy February 05, 2010
when someone turns in a song on your behalf at a karaoke bar, without either your consent or knowledge of the song choice
STEPHANIE: Let's scaraoke tonight.
RUSS: Okay, I'll turn in a song for you, and you turn one in for me.
STEPHANIE: Sounds good. Just no Lady Gaga, okay?
RUSS: As long as you don't do Michael Bolton for me?
by KaraokeFanboy March 01, 2010
to interrupt important proceedings for self-recognition or promotion; inspired by NBC cutting to Jerry Seinfeld's new show "The Marriage Ref" during the 2010 Winter Olympics' closing ceremonies
Bob loves to throw to Seinfeld, like this afternoon when he was telling me about our merger then totally threw to Seinfeld about his new Facebook photo album. Now I don't know if I still have a job!
by KaraokeFanboy March 01, 2010
the distortion of words with the prefix "man-" to denote and often demean something inherent to masculine subculture (root: man + vernacular).
TREVOR: My manpanion and I totally went to get manscaped this afternoon. What a great day!
BRANDON: Indeed. Is there any manacular to describe the feeling?
TREVOR: Um . . . How 'bout mantastic?!
BRANDON: Brilliant! And, ironically, totally emasculating!
by KaraokeFanboy March 25, 2010
a series of emails that result from either miscommunication or a lack of understanding about a particular topic
Dude, my friend totally invited me to a party Saturday night, but he didn't tell me where it was, when it started, or who would be there, so we had an emailathon until he finally told me all about it.
by KaraokeFanboy March 23, 2010
1. to buy chicken McNuggets from McDonald's in increments of 50 during their ongoing 50-McNuggets-for-$10 Friday through Sunday sale. 2. to be cheered up by the thought that such a purchase can be made.
1. RUSS: Dude, it's totally Friday.
NATHAN: Time to nugget up!

2. RUSS: Man, have I had a terrible week.
NATHAN: Nugget up, chum. It's Friday.
by KaraokeFanboy March 12, 2010
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