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3 definitions by Karaoke superstar

an abreviation of the phrase "love you like a sister". Off-hand tag to anything said to a female friend because they can't just say "I love you" for fear of being thought *gasp* gay.
by Karaoke Superstar October 01, 2003
365 113
someone who spends alot of time and energy in a certain area, not necssarily computers or techlogy
She is such a theatre geek! She has been there every day this week!

by Karaoke superstar October 16, 2003
697 655
a pastime consistin of singing in front of an audiance with the help of a telaprompter scrolling the lyrics and an intrumental and backup singing track
also singing in your car to the radio
by Karaoke superstar October 16, 2003
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