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A jackass posing as an activist; an activist who supports idiotic causes.
Paul: Has Tim tried to get you to sponsor his "Improve Worker Conditions in China 5k Run" yet?
Rick: Yeah, but I don't support that asstivist shit.
by Karaoke Joe February 15, 2012
noun; adjective: Pop culture that is over-appreciated by preteens that look down their un-knowing noses at anyone who doesn't "get it."
Dad A: I had to go see Les Mis again. Five times, now.
Dad B: Mine's addicted to Twilight and Hunger Games.
Dad C: I had to go to see Justin Bieber.
Dad D: It wouldn't be so bad except they're so preteentious about it. Make one peep about not wanting to see the same movie 9 times and suddenly I'm a horrible parent.
by Karaoke Joe April 06, 2013
A degenerative mental condition caused by news hosts who deliberately present misinformation so that their viewers or listeners are rendered more ignorant about a topic than if they had not watched or listened to any news at all.
"My uncle thinks that George Bush killed Osama bin Laden. My mom said he's got early onset Foxheimer's Disease."
by Karaoke Joe December 10, 2011
One who compensates for loneliness with excessive use of a cell phone through calls or texting.
He's called me 4 times tonight, I think he must be phonely.
by Karaoke Joe August 26, 2008

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