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fundi-mentalist, n - one who believes he is in direct mental communication with God, and thus speaks with His voice
Politicians of the conservative religious variety are typically among the most prominent fundi-mentalists on the planet.
by Karanakos Antonicus February 19, 2011
FWUNNNNGGGGGGG!!, expl. - the sound made by a longbow arrow when it pierces a plate armour breastplate, the body behind it, and the back armour, and then imbeds itself, vibrating, in a tree, pinning the occupant of the armour to it (the parallel with certain sorts of riposte in debate is obvious)
After Mary gave her response to Johnny's exposition, Clyde pointed at Johnny, laughed heartily and yelled , "FWUNNNNGGGGGGG!!" loud enough that everybody in the entire office could hear it.
by Karanakos Antonicus February 19, 2011
miffle, v - to search zealously for something by which to be offended
If folks didn't miffle so much maybe they wouldn't work themselves into a swivet so often.
by Karanakos Antonicus February 19, 2011
ubugamy, n - the end condition sought by a masochistic miffler(q.v.)
Johnny managed to achieve an especially painful state of ubugamy when he chose to miffle relentlessly over the Christmas holiday break
by Karanakos Antonicus February 19, 2011
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