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Lairing is the action of finding the sex panther this usage is amoung friends or not who are looking for incrediably gorgeous people whom they find attractive.
Some people are sat in a hotel, they are questioning the evenings proceedings one person says to the other 'let's go Lairing'
by KaraJ April 08, 2007
the abode of the sex panther, this is the place they can be found, one adventures to a lair in search of the one that will surfice the needs of the individual.
One should go to a lair in order to find the Sex Panther, Let's go to the lair where there is the best selection.
by KaraJ April 08, 2007
A Sex Panther is a preditor, be aware they could quite possibly be the most gorgeous thing in the world, it is a level above sexy. They tend to comune in lairs and to hunt one out is lairing. can be abbreviated to SP
Don't look now but there is a sex panther standing behind you, he was such a sex panther, sex panther alert!
by KaraJ April 08, 2007

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