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an albino space monkey.
a hardcore party animal
snap!is that sklee?!wow, i heared those are really rare!
that dude is such a sklee!
by Kara February 08, 2005
one who is very cuddly and loveable.
i love my geggy in bed while i sleep.
by kara November 04, 2003
commonly refered to as poser A pathetic low-life soul who never has, and never will be themselves. Constantly coping other to make them appear as if they fit it. When asked about the one subject the are coping, that certain person will become nurvous and ramble on about only how kool what they're coping is. The main styles that usually attract poseurs are, punk, goth, skateboarders, prep, and of coarse all of the above. Please take extreme caution when approched my one of the horrid creatures...
True skateboarder:"Dude, get a life, no1 likes u, and u dont even kno wut we are talking about."

poseur:" Yah i do! Ur talking about.....uhhhhh....*gets nurvous*"

True Skateboarder:" thats wut i thought, u dont even kno........go get a life, u pathetic poseur
by Kara April 05, 2005
degrading term used for a woman, girlfriend
"She's a little cockgobbler"
by kara December 16, 2003
Spanish for "the bitch"
Omg! Look out! El Bitcho is coming this way!
by Kara December 05, 2003
abreviation for the word definately, usually used by kids who are either way cool, or way lame.

the only way to pull of using the term "def" is to be the first one around to use it. if you're just copying someone, people might think you're lame.
Kara asked if the new guy was cute.
Emily repiled, "Oh most def! He's soo hot!"
by Kara April 25, 2005
Birthed by mispelled words, Skans and Smeel were originally Skank and Smell. Smeel is the name of a female dancing leprachuan, and Skans is the name of an old school meets new school lady of the night. Both are feminine, and were created in Ray-town Wisconsin by me and my two friends. Both words also include that the people dubbed are also extremely glompable to you at least.
Me: Yo Smeel.
Smeel: *Does a jig* Hi! Is that Skans?
Me: Yep. Hey Skans!
Skans: I told you not to call me that! *kicks me*
Me: Ow...you two are mean...but so glompable *glomps Smeel and Skans*
by Kara October 04, 2004

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