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Quantum Physics or Quantum mechanics is a set of principles underlying the most basic known represantation of all systems at the microscopic scale.

Would usually cause an average person extreme headache trying to understand the said principle.
Person 1: Have you studied Quantum Physics?

Person 2: No, I was too busy clipping my toenails.
by Kar-len O' Whirl February 22, 2009
An erect form of pubic hair. Can be achieved through sexual goosebumps or pubic tug-of-war during intercourse.
"Hey, Jerry. Did you ever experience horny curls with Curly Whirly? I doubt it!!!"
by Kar-len O' Whirl February 22, 2009
A person with constantly entangled pubic hair. (Plural: Curly Whirlies. May refer to couples)
"Hey, Jerry! I heard you and your Curly Whirly partner reached poogasm!"
by Kar-len O' Whirl February 22, 2009
A Filipina immigrant who worked as the Super Friends’ maid at the Hall of Justice. A satirical depiction made by comedian Rex Navarette.
Maritess is a parody of an Asian domestic helper.
by Kar-len O' Whirl February 22, 2009

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