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Something really crazy. A blessing to some, a disease to stupid dumb-f*cks who don't know a thing. A Setareh will be your heart doctor and give you free medicine with her skanky words, her warm hands, and the way she slithers her medicine. Not only does a Setareh know how to make everyone feel awkwardly in love, but a Setareh knows how to cheer up a person when they're in their second minute in the bathroom. A Setareh's frown makes everybody's frown go upside down, and she was taught to shake it till she makes it.
"Hey what's a Setareh?"
"Oh, THAT! I heard they're endangered and supernaturally sexy."
"I heard a Setareh can kill 20 pairs of eyes and only deserve one."
"Let's go smoke something because a Setareh is too good for us."
by Kar Bear Tequila November 20, 2011

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