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A person suffering from hypochondriasis, in which they over-react to normal bodily functions (ex: sweating or scabbing), confuse normal Common Cold symptoms for symptoms of more serious illnesses (ex: H1N1 or Whooping Cough), and generally act paranoid when a sneezing life form gets within 10 feet of them.
Person A: Oh no! I'm sneezing! I MUST have Swine Flu!

Person B: Simmer down, Hypochondriac, it's just the pollen in the air.

Person A: There's pollen in the air!? I'm gonna DIEEE!

Person B: *Facepalm*
by Kapu Wolf September 27, 2009
Period Pals are two or more women who receive "nature's gift" at the same time.

Usually they hang out with each other, participating in activities one normally does alone when on their period; such as watching Leonardo DiCaprio movies in the fetal position or complaining about how the cramps this month are worse than any other woman's ever experienced in the history of menstruation.
Sue: Tom invited me out to dinner, but I had to decline because I'm on the rag.

May: Really? Why, Sue, it looks like we're Period Pals this week! Want to come over to my place and eat some Cherry Garcia ice cream? I think the Sex and the City movie is on on demand tonight.

Sue: I think you know the answer to that.
by Kapu Wolf November 21, 2009
When you win some crappy prize at an obscure raffle/event from buying $20 in tickets that you could just go out and buy at a store for a couple bucks.
A: "Look at this cool bunch of flashy yo-yo's I won at my church's fundraiser last night, guys! Look! They spin and stuff!"

B: "I see you've finally won the Grape Lottery. Congratulations."
by Kapu Wolf March 09, 2009

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