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The act in which a band member is allowed to jam for an extended period of time while the rest of the band is left to play the same thing for the entire duration of the Fogerty Time. Sometimes this period could last for several minutes or even an entire song so long as the remaining band members play similar parts for most of the song. Fogerty time can include any instrument including: guitar, harmonica, saxophone, piano, and vocals.

The Fogerty Look can also be used if the other band members are not cooperating.
CCR - Keep on Chooglin': includes full on Fogerty Time. The bass plays the same note almost the whole song.

CCR - Heard It Through The Grapevine: includes an extended Fogerty Time at the end that comprises of most of the song.
by Kaptnsassypants September 08, 2009
The look one will give during the act of Fogerty Time if someone derives from the routine. It is commonly misinterpreted as a death stare, for they are very similar.
As we were jamming, I started to add a bit of zest to my bass line, and I immediately got The Fogerty Look. I proceeded to return to the original bass line in fear for my life.
by Kaptnsassypants September 08, 2009

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