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2 definitions by Kapooyah!

The act of being a grown, arrogant, jackass of a man and never being nominated as father of the year.
Did you see that parent make his kid play baseball with a broken hand? He was being a real Scooter Flynny!

Kapooyah, did you see that Scooter Flynny pick on a kid with glasse at breakfast!?

Eric, Rich, and Kyle are sure ashamed to be friends with that fucking Scooter Flynny!
by Kapooyah! April 25, 2013
Teacher in school that is usually the most negligent and dumb. He/She is the dumbest teacher in the building, teaching the smartest kids in the school... Therefore a gifted instructor is an oxymoron...

Teacher who's room is usually a free-for-all with students using Ipads to get on porn and the only thing not making it a circus is a peanut vendor and a clown.... Oh wait, the clown is the gifted instructor.
What did you do in gifted class today? Watched tranny porn and jacked off on the Ipad screen, kapooyah!

How much did you learn in your gifted class this year? Nothing.....

Kyle: Jace is a great gifted instructor...

Rich: What are you retarded?

Rich: What do you want to be when you grow up Scotty?
Scotty: I want to be a gifted instructor!
Rich: Why the fuck would you want to do that?
Scotty: It is better than being a reading teacher!
Rich: Good Point!
by Kapooyah! May 04, 2013