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At a gathering/party consisting of heterosexual males, there are a few homosexual males. One of these males are designated as "The Decorker". Meaning, at 4:30 in the morning when most of the heterosexual males are asleep, the "decorker" goes around "Decorking" their assholes to prepare for Anal Coitus otherwise known as anal sex.
John (Heterosexual Male): W.t.f. Mike, why is my asshole sore? Didnt we put in the corks?
Mike (Heterosexual Male): Oh shit John, I forgot Tiago and Danny were here.
John : Why would that matter?
Mike : Danny is a skilled decorker.
by Kap One June 28, 2007
Pronounced Bos-see-Oh. Usually refers to a small penis, sometimes, but not always, a chode.
Yo, Stephanie told me Anthony has a Boccio.
by Kap One June 28, 2007
A narrow line of hair spanding from the pubic region all the way to the belly button. Common in males, less commom in females primarly due to the fact that it is shaved off the majority of the time.
"Wow dude, catie has an italian hair line. Lets hope she doesn't become a Brianna."
by Kap One June 28, 2007
At a gathering/party consisting of heterosexual males, if it is suspected that a few of them are homosexual, each heterosexual man acts as the corker and plugs his anus/rectum with a cork in order to prevent the forced unwanted entrance of a penis. The process of corking usually occurs in the early morning when mot heterosexual men are falling asleep.
Mike (Heterosexual Man): C'mon John, lets corker it up and hope Tiago and Danny don't decork us.
John (Heterosexual Man): Good thinking man. Lets cork it.
by Kap One June 28, 2007

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